The Process

1. Initial chat
First email or phone call would be the starter point for both client and myself to pre-qualify if the custom option is right for you. I will ask about the style of garment you need, the time, and what is your budget. I will ask you to forward some style images and a list of ideas you might want in a form of email or text. From this point I would be able to set a rough estimate cost for the project.
2. First Meeting

In-person consultation happens by appointment only. We will meet in person at my private studio boutique. We will brainstorm on ideas, details and material selections. The pricing, the contract terms and timelines are discussed. I will be drawing a sketch and taking measurements. Please be prepared to wear the specialty undergarments and bring shoes ( or similar height of) so I can get the whole list of measurements I need at once. Commonly the contract is signed and 50% deposit is accepted to start the project.

3. Finding the right fabric

I recommend NOT to buy fabrics before the project starts , unless you are my repeat client and have already the knowledge of the intricacies involved in arriving at the satisfactory result with specialty fabrics. Majority of my clients will buy their own materials after I supply the list of recommended stores and amounts of fabrics and notions needed. Occasionally I may have unique fabric or lace available that suits your design. Often i will go an extra mile and go shopping with's so much more fun to do the girl thing together.

4. Custom pattern and first fitting

Every client gets their own custom pattern made. This is a fabric mock up of the gown or dress I'm making for you. During the first fitting it may seem a boring cloth “thingy” on you , but for me it's the most important way to arrive in the exact and perfect shape. During the muslin fitting you may ask or I may suggest changes to the design if needed. This step also eliminates excess future fittings and waste of fine or expensive fabrics.

5. Fine tuning fittings

Normally i will schedule all fittings up-front spanned out according to the mutually convenient times.There are commonly 2-3 additional fitting needed after the muslin stage to complete the project. With my expertise, timeliness and attention to all details I can guarantee the completion as agreed...always.

6. Project completion and final steps

Pick-up time!! Once the project is complete and ready to be enjoyed, you have a chance to deck yourself up, invite your entourage and try it on for all of us to admire. At that time the account is settled and final instructions for wear and care are discussed. Occasionally one of your VIPs may be present to get a hands-on tutorial, because let's face wears a complicated wedding dress only once in a lifetime, so one may just need that extra hand on the day of the important event.

I would be only too excited to meet you for a chat about your dream wedding gown or glamorous evening dress. Ask for a show stopping pageantry, dress-up or stage performance gown and the wizard in me jumps for joy for an opportunity to create. Perhaps your wardrobe needs an overhaul or you may need a business- to- pleasure multi-purpose suit. Nothing would be impossible. I would be honored to be the creator of your cherishable clothing which is made with love, passion, patience and skill you can trust.

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“Design is intelligence made visible.”

– Lou Danziger