Merike Custom Fashion | Your best choice in custom clothing
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Bridal Fashion

Merike has been providing clients with custom bridal gowns for over fifteen years. Her passion for designing and creating these one of a kind dresses has given her the name ‘Merike The Miracle Worker’.

With a strong focus on making her clients thrilled on their special day, she has been honored to be involved in many unique and special weddings like Pirate themes, LGBTQ weddings, Victorian Fashion, and many others.

Your gown, no matter what the special request is, will be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever worn.

Common Requests

Merike is often requested to assist with some of the most fantastical ideas and designs when it comes to wedding dresses, pageant outfits, cosplay attire, and even gymnastics uniforms.

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With a passion for fashion it never stops for me. Design By Merike is a new label in progress. With this label my goal is to cater to the creative fashionista, to the person who equally loves tradition and craves uniqueness. I cater to the fantasies and whimsical desires of the those persons who dress, think and live outside of the box. I want my client to feel that the garment they wear, is authentic and personally made by the very hands of the designer. I want my clients to feel the love the items are made with…which is my life in a nutshell.

544 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 2Y4

(905) 388-8080